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Community and Service Update

18 Jan

Many of you have participated in heaps of great Community and Service activities since the beginning of the year. Although we have spent a couple of sessions in Homeroom updating your wetpaint wiki’s, many of your wiki’s are not up-to-date. Remember: it is your responsibility to keep this site updated as evidence (and memories!) of the great things that you do!


M3A C&S Site

Here’s what needs to be completed:

  • An e-page
  • Journal with dates of activities
  • A detailed explanation of each activity
  • What organization/people were benefitting from their efforts
  • Photographs of activities as evidence
  • A reflection of each activity

Tips of your reflective journal

You will find it easiest to maintain the online journal by adding to your online journal at the end of each day you perform your service.

  • You might want to begin each entry with a brief factual account of what occurred that day. What did you learn? What were your responsibilities? What are you learning about sociological issues? What are you learning about your community?
  • Next, write about your perceptions about what occurred that day. Describe your feelings and questions that were raised for you. What was the most difficult part of the day? What was the most satisfying thing that happened? Are your initial expectations being met? Have you met anyone who is especially interesting?
  • Next you may want to look at how this experience is impacting your education and community knowledge and involvement. Is this experience making your class work more meaningful? Are you more interested in community service in your future? Is the experience causing you to review your educational and career goals?

The questions included here are offered only as suggestions to guide you as you begin to keep a reflective journal. The process is meant to enhance your learning experience, so use it in a way that will be most beneficial to you.


Image: ‘Free Child Playing Hopscotch 10 Creative Commons