Civil Disobedience

Read the first few pages of Antigone and it becomes quite clear that our protagonist is breaking the rules. Creon has quite clearly said that nobody is to bury Polynieces. If Antigone was five years old, she’d be looking at a smacked bottom. It is at this point that Antigone links to the work we have covered on speech writing and delivery. Here we see a fictional tale of what can happy when the process of civil disobedience is enacted.

It is easy to see find examples of civil disobedience throughout history. In order to make the story of Antigone clearer, we will use another example as a point of comparison. You will need to use characters and plot as your point of comparison. It is also acceptable to locate points of departure. This means that there might be some points where the comparison doesn’t work. Here you can simply discuss why the two stories differ.

  1. Select an historical figure who has lead a civil disobedience protest. Outline what his or her actions, motivations and the outcome.
  2. Specifics: look at the characters involved. Who is the protagonist? Who is the antagonist? Who else is involved that is pivotal? Who was harmed in the process?
  3. Specifics: look at how the events unfolded? What was the reaction of those involved? What was the reaction of bystanders? What was the outcome?
Present these ideas using both image and text. Your outlines should demonstrate your understanding of the story. This is an ongoing task so will need to be re-visited through til the end of the unit.

Image: ‘Egypt and Beyond!


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