Perfection and Flaw

It is impossible today to avoid being bombarded with images of what is considered perfect or ideal.

Task: Choose a topic that media commonly uses to represent perfection. Examples might include beauty, success, popularity, sophistication, intelligence.

  1. Find an image that demonstrates this representation.
  2. Explain why this image represents perfection. You will need to discuss context here as these things change over time.
  3. Find an image that demonstrates the opposite of point 1. What is being highlighted as flawed? Think discursively. Explain.
  4. Think outside the box: change context and find an image that demonstrates your topic. Explain.

Back to the text:

How does Bernard Shaw setup the distinction between perfection and flaw in Act 1? Refer to specific lines.


In what ways is Bernard Shaw forshadowing future events?

Extension: Where is perfection and flaw evident in the preface?

Image: ‘The Wooden Hull of the German UBoat


An interesting look at some of the aspects of phonetics.

Have a look at this site on phonetics and the ways in which we produce sounds (in several languages!)

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