Act 1

There is plenty of entrances and exits throughout Act 1. Clearly Bernard Shaw aims to introduce the characters but is there any other motivation?


  1. locate the entrances and exits of the characters. You might like to colour code to show the different groups?
  2. using a piece of A3 paper, block the scene. Include key elements of the stage the characters use eg.
    1. how are you going to show the distance between the characters due to the rain?
    2. Use symbols to represent characters
    3. Use labels to notate what is happening.
    4. You might even include significant quotes.
  3. What is significant about the entrances and exits in the scene (what is Bernard Shaw trying to convey here?). How have you emphasised this?


How is Eliza treated by these four characters? Find a line to support your idea

If you finish: Why doesn’t Bernard Shaw use the names of his characters through much of Act 1?

Image: ‘Stormtroopers 365: Behind the scenes…

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