A Doll’s House Review

Session 3

In this session we are going to focus on Ibsen, considering the aspects of his context that influenced the text. In doing so, we are discussing this objective:

Consider the changing historical, cultural and social contexts in which particular texts are written and received.

Review Ibsen’s biographical detail. Try the two links below

Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen: Hedda Gabler (just be careful; Hedda Gabler is a different play – but some of the general information on this page is useful.

TASK: Link the details of Ibsen’s life to some of the developments and themes of A Doll’s House. Hint: use a two column planner to demonstrate the links. Eg.

father’s fortunes soon faltered and the      | Demonstrates Ibsen’s acute awareness of social 
family was forced to declare bankruptcy. | conflict in society. It isn’t difficult to imagine the family
The poverty and poor schooling of his        | trying to maintain their social standing despite the 
early years left a lasting impression            | financial difficulty. Evident in Torvald’s obsession with
on Ibsen.                                                                    | with others perception of him. 

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