A Spark of Life

In chapters 1-6 we are given an account of Victor’s process of creation, his decline, and subsequent revival from the ordeal. Earlier, Victor mention’s an interest in galvanism and this appears to be the theory Shelley employs for the creation of her monster. Read a little about the theory here and take a few notes.

An oddly present character that we hear nothing from is Victor’s servant. Immediately after Victor’s creature leaves, Victor calls on his servant to fix him breakfast. Meanwhile, the servant couldn’t possibly be blind to Victor’s undertaking.

Task: plan a series of letters, journal entries statements to the police, or some other similar text that presents the events of chapters 1-6 from the servant’s perspective. The letters should demonstrate two things:

  • understanding of key events as written in the novel. We see great change in Victor so this would be evident.
  • an understanding of some of the topics present in the text.

We have already spoken about one topic, appearance. As you are skimming back through the text look for contrast in what is beautiful and what is described as being ugly or perverse. The topic of creation is also explored (obviously!). Equally, deception and the importance of family play a large role in Victor’s development. The impact of discovery plays a big part in shaping Victor. Explore these ideas and any others you see in the text though your planning.

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