Language Oral Activity

Image: ‘My Twitter Class of ’08’


We have investigated several examples of how language is both a tool to describe language and a marker of culture. Persepolis, “Ain’t I a Woman” and “Black Boy” have all demonstrated how closely culture and language are linked.


Using the tangible and intangible artefacts of a community of your choice, demonstrate how language is a marker for the customs, traditions and beliefs of the community. You may also demonstrate how language changes over time and place.

Finally, you should be able to show the degree to which language invites or excludes new participants by considering the text in relation to audience and purpose.


  • 10 – 15 minutes in length
  • uses several different artefacts as examples
  • keep your discussion focussed on the language of the culture, either, written, spoken or visual (find examples of each if possible).


We will use the formal presentation criteria. This may (if you choose) count towards your final IB grade.


You can find notes for an example here.

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