A Way To Be Good Again


  1. Re-read Chapter 14
  2. What are the conflicts evident in this chapter?
  • Person vs. Person pits two individuals against each other
  • Person vs. nature involves a struggle for survival against a natural force such as a flood, blizzard or “the wild”
  • Person vs. society makes one person confront the group, perhaps in an effort to cause a social change.
  • Person vs. self is an internal struggle, often involving maturation or decision-making.

Amir repeats the line ‘there is a way to be good again’. Write a paragraph or two about the significance of this line.

Juxtaposition means to place or deal with something close together for contrasting effect : black-and-white photos of slums were starkly juxtaposed with color images.

Can you find an example of juxtaposition in this chapter? What does it suggest to us?

Image: ‘sorry

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