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Coal Mining and The Space Race

28 Feb

To best understand October Sky, we will need an understanding of the following topics:

1) Homer H. Hickam (Biographical details)

2) Werner von Braun- include his accomplishments as well as the reasons he is seen as controversial.

3) Sputnik and the Sputnik Crisis (include what was learned from Sputnik)-

4) N.A.S.A- Include what the acronym stands for, when it was founded, its mission, accomplishments, etc.

For each of the following, read definitions and information to understand them as best you can. Also, look at images of each to add to your understanding.

5) Briefly explain the “room-and-pillar” method of underground coal mining. Draw a picture to add to your explanation.

6) Briefly describe “coal workers’ pneumoconiosis.”

7) Draw a picture of a rocket and label its parts (good examples can be found on NASA’s site). Include nose cone, fuel, fins, and nozzle. Briefly explain how a rocket works.

BONUS HARD QUESTION- you must TRY to answer this:

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that is necessary to rocket design. It is known as the “study of change.” Look it up and get a brief understanding. Now look at images of “rocket trajectory.” EXPLAIN why calculus is necessary to designing rockets.

Image: ‘Icarus