EngA M5

The goals of this course focus on becoming familiar with prose, dramatic and visual texts. In particular, Grade 10 English aims to adequately prepare students for the demanding curriculum of IB English A1. The English Language Arts programme provides opportunities for accomplishing these goals via literature analysis and language understanding. Students will relate literary technique to theme and purpose; in doing so they will also analyze the language within literary works.


We all know that the tasks we find most enjoyable and fulfilling are those that we see as relevant to our lives. Throughout out the year, as much as we can, we will try to acknowledge how a particular task, or concept is connected to ‘us’. To help with this we will create an aspirations board that will help us understand what is you want to achieve in life and how the concepts we study might help you to get there.

Start by taking notes on the following questions:

  1. Today, what would you like to study at university? Why is this so interesting for you?
  2. If you could work professionally in any field, what would it be? What do you do today that demonstrates your passion here?
  3. What do  you routinely practice today? What will you routinely practice tomorrow?
And some questions about you and English:
  1. What was the last thing you read for enjoyment? What was the last novel you read?
  2. In English class, what did you study that was most enjoyable last year? (or previously; put several answers if you like).
  3. Not including texts you studied in school, estimate how many texts have you read in the last 12 months (in any language!)?
  4. Do you read magazines, comics, blogs or other popular culture texts? Tell us about them.
  5. Do you blog?
Publish the answers to these questions for display in the room. Include in large type:
  • your name
  • simple answers to some of the questions ie. Painter
  • a symbol representing one of your responses

Image: ‘aspiration

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