The Outsider

Have you done some wider reading on Camus or The Outsider? Post your findings (including  links or references) on this wall!

Albert Camus’ The Stranger  was quite an influential piece of work. Camus himself was an important player in the development of philosophy. From his writing he was awarded a nobel prize for literature – the second youngest and first American born awardee.

Lets start with a little background on the man. Choose one of the following topics to explore:

  • Biographical details
  • What is Nihilism?
  • What is Existentialism?
  • What is Absurdism?
  • Present the Sisyphus myth in an interesting way
  • Camus wrote a text The Myth of Sisyphus the same year he wrote The Outsider. What is this work all about?
Look at the responses of your peers and complete one of the following:
  1. Create a simile or metaphor to explain one of the above concepts
  2. Write a definition in your own words
  3. Locate the similarities or differences between these concepts
  4. Create a scenario in which a character reacts according to the concept
  5. Something else?

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