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Climate Change

20 Feb

Before we get started on the film The Day After Tomorrow we need to review our knowledge about global climate change.

Start by filling in a K-W-L chart on climate change.

Build Your Knowledge

Look at each of the following websites and respond to the questions. Write your answers in a word document. Don’t forget to include pictures to support you thoughts and ideas. Choose to do the questions in any order you like. 

Example Question and Answer:

How does the carbon get into the fossil fuels we burn?

All living things are made of carbon. 300-400 million years ago living creatures in the sea died and settled on the seabed. Over time, the remains of these living creatures were buried under layers and layers of sand and silt. As they get deeper, the heat and pressure turns the remains into oil and gas. Today, humans dig deep into the ground to mine the oil and gas that has been left behind.

Climate Crisis: Evidence

Click on the link: “How can so little warming cause so much melting?”

  • What are the images trying to show you about climate change? Use a specific example in your answer.

What’s the deal with Carbon?

  • Why does everyone talk about carbon when they talk about climate change?
  • Read the graph at the bottom of the page? What does it tell you?

How do we know the climate is 

  • Find some examples of how scientists can tell the climate is changing.
  • Climate change won’t just affect humans, it will also affect animals. Explain how.

The Climate Time Machine

Click on The Climate Time Machine Link.

  • Which countries would be affected by rising sea levels? (This map of the world might help you to identify the countries)
  • What do you notice about sea ice over the past 30 years?

Your Carbon Footprint

  • People often talk about their “Carbon Footprint”. What is it?

Carbon Footprint Calculator

  • Try the Carbon Footprint Calculator to calculate your carbon footprint. NOTE: This calculator is for people living in the UK. For questions like “when you go on holiday, do you travel outside of the UK?” think about how this applies to your situation: do you travel outside of Azerbaijan? Do you stay in Baku? etc.

Some films on Climate Change:

Image: ‘From Darkness to Light – please read