The Metamorphosis

A place to start

Archiver: describe Gregor’s room. Publish a contents list of all that it contains.

Picture perfect: Sketch Gregor’s room. Create a floor plan to help us visualise the space. Where in the house is it located?

Freud’s chair: What sorts of things are running through Gregor’s head? What is he paying attention to etc.?

Family Therapy: describe the reactions of Gregor’s family.

Literary demon: Describe the tone of the chapter. Where is the evidence?

Parallels: Think of  situation whereby a persons life changes dramatically over a short period of time. Draw comparisons (and contrasts) between the two situations.

A Little History

For each of these tasks, try using the Infortrac database. Go to to login.

  1. Give a brief description of Kafka, when and where he lived, what his life was like, etc.
  2. Kafka’s work very much reflects the ideas of other thinkers of his time, primarily Marx. Do a little research into this connection.
  3. Do a little research into Freud’s theory of family power struggle, typically referred to as the “Oedipus Complex.” Contrary to what you may have learned, it does NOT mean a person wants to sleep with their parents (although in rare and strange instances, it may). Explain here what it does mean as would be seen in a typical family.
  4. Look up “existentialism.” Read several definitions in different articles. Explain what existentialism is.

Image: ‘Transición / Transformación (11 de 52 y+1/2)


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