Part 2 – things begin to fall apart

Character Sketching

At this stage it is useful to have a more detailed look at the characters in TFA.

Find details about Okonkwo and where it is referenced in the text:

  • Element of the Character
  • How we know this (pg. #)

Okonkwo: A Hero or …

Activity: Write down the qualities you would associate with a hero or heroine, for example ‘courage’. You might like to think about a classic hero or a personal hero or heroine  and focus on the qualities they possess.

Activity: Apply these qualities to Okonkwo. Can you find moments in the novel when they apply? Support your answer with reference to the text.

Discuss: develop a position on whether you believe Okonkwo is heroic. Record your thoughts by the end of the lesson as we will need to address this again.

Everyone Else

We learn very little about the other characters of TFA compared to Okonkwo. However, the other characters do give us some insight into Ibo culture compared to what we learn if we were only to see things through Okonkwo’s eyes.

Unoka     Ikemufuna

Nwoye     Ekwefi

Ezinma   Obierika

Chielo     Ozugo

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