Change Stories

The emphasis on the title of this unit changes its meaning. Change stories, like classic stories, classifies the kind of story we are talking about. Change stories, using “change” as verb, implies stories need to be changed in some way. But what too? What might be wrong with them in first place?

Start with what you know

As a class, list all the words and images that you can think of associated with Afghanistan?

What do these images have in common? What is missing?

What don’t you know?

Use these questions to fill in you knowledge of Afghanistan

  1. Draw a map identifying Afghanistan. Include Azerbaijan in your map.
  2. Who are the Pashtun people, and how does their history relate to Afghanistan? What percent of the population do they comprise?
  3. Who are the Hazara? What is their believed ancestry? How have historical events affected their position in Afghanistan?
  4. What is the difference between the Shi’a Muslims and the Sunni? Which are the Pashtun, and which the Hazara?
  5. What is a cleft palate?
  6. Briefly explain the Soviet War in Afghanistan. Inlcude the Mujahideen, specific events of 1979, the occupation, the general reaction in Afghanistan to the occupation, etc.
  7. Who are the Taliban? Write a brief history of their development and effects on Afghanistan.
  8. Describe Gudiparan Bazi. What is it like, how is it done, what is its history, what is the aim, etc? Look at images as well. Draw a typical kite.

Share what you know

With a partner, share what you have found out about Afghanistan. You should spend some time with every member of the class.


Focus upon one significant idea that came up during your research (or the research of your peers). How is this different/similar to the ideas we discussed during the first brainstorm (Start with what you know).

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