Mass Media and Cultural Context Review

17929_573401566013614_317284693_nLets begin by looking at the mass media objectives as they help as break into these kinds of texts:

  • Examine different forms of communication within the media
  • Show an awareness of the potential for educational, political or ideological influence of the media.
  • Show the way mass media use language and image to inform, persuade or entertain

TASK: Find your own satirical text and apply these three objectives. 

Skype discussion transcript: Introduction to Mass communication objectives

Session 2 – The Paper

Have a look at this specimen paper for you the paper 1 exam. Use the objectives of the course to begin planning your analysis.

Once you are done, have a look at the examiners notes and compare your ideas.

REMEMBER: the examiners notes don’t constitute THE answer, but outline some possible ideas that are prominent. You may find issues that aren’t on here. That doesn’t make them wrong; you just need to be able to support them.

Session 3 – Paper 1 (again)

Have a look at another specimen paper (this is in fact one of the samples from the HL specimens but it will serve our purpose.

Remember: the goal is to analyse how language is being used to convey meaning: language in action.

So you need to ensure you’re covering all the objectives:

  • Audience and purpose?
  • Content: what is the text about? What is it trying to convey?
  • Text type and structure
  • Language features
  • Tone

Can you find these features in the text?

  • Cultural attitudes gender roles?
  • Irony and contradiction
  • Use of direct speech and quotation

TASK: Plan your exam for this paper. 

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