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Punctuating Dialogue

31 Jan

Dialogue is an important tool in story writing. It allows the writer to express ideas to the reader without having to come right out and say it. For example:

Juan was angry at Daniel for drinking all the orange juice. Daniel felt ashamed. 


“Juan shouted, “you always drink all the orange juice!”

“I’m sorry”, Daniel quietly replied. “Its just that it tastes so sweet and cold.”

Hopefully you recognize the dialogue adds more interest to the story.

Remind yourself about these basic tips for punctuating dialogue.

Try some of these more advanced tips on punctuating dialogue.

The Stress-o-meter

29 Jan

Image: ‘- Despair’

Take the stress-0-meter test to explore the stress and its effects in your life. While you are working, take a note on the following items:

  • Which questions really made you think, “Wow. I really feel like that”. 

Stress-o-meter test

Once have completed the test, learn more about some of the short and long term effects of stress. Try to connect these with the options you selected in your stress-o-meter test.

Got Butterflies? Learn Why?

Finally, read these ten suggestions for reducing stress in your life. Connect them to the things that were causing you stress in the stress-o-meter test.

Feeling Frazzled? 10 Tips to Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

TASK: Choose one aspect of your life that causes you stress and connect the short and long term effects of it and finally record some suggestions on how to beat this stress. 

Environmental Poetry

18 Apr
Have you ever felt water?
Slow waves, dancing with the wind,
Touching your hand like a pillow, changing smoothly.

Chiara L.



Clean, green, sunshine,

Play outside, picnics, death, bad air,

Sick animals, no joy, dirty seas,


Sibel D.

Have you ever felt sand,
Smooth, very dry,
liquid like, soft as a pillow.

Ali K.

Have you ever seen a tree?
Emerald leaves, long branches,
Amazing trunk, beautiful flourishing.

David C.

Have you ever seen the woods?
Swaying peacefully, playing with the air,
Following the Earth’s patterns, thorns red as blood.

Morgan L.

Have you ever seen water?
Soothing waves, wet feeling,
Blue ocean, deep sea.

Nico C.

Have ever seen a plain all covered with grass?
Little animals, moving lively,
beautiful flowers, spreading colour.

Fidan H.

Have you ever seen a tree?
Reducing CO2, making green,
Giving air, cleaning Earth.

Dong Hyun C.


Green, wild

Living, breathing, crowded,

Happy face, grandma, son, hope,

Growing, nothing, boiling,

Playing, dry,


Cho Ha K.


Polluted, vile,

Revolting, disgusting, stained,

Murky, grimy, wholesome, natural,

Unblemished, refreshing, unchanged,

Pure, pristine,


Jan H.

Have you ever seen a bin?
A rubbish loving, Earth saving,
Amazingly cool, Usable recyclable. 

Danielle D.


Oceans, Plant,

Recycling, Reducing, Reusing,

Wild life, Fresh, Impure, Cloudy,

Polluted, Uncleaned, Wasting,

Factories, Fumes,


Sam B.


Impure, Fumes,

Disgusting, Wasting, Plastic, Gloomy,

CO2, Plants, Trees, Wild life,

Pure, Air, Water,


Shahir Q.

M1’s wrote Dylan Thomas Portraits and Diamantes to celebrate Earth Week in 2012. They then published the poems on a lantern to display. Some of them are little hard to read on the lantern so you can read them here!

Image: ‘Water is Life

Image: ‘I think…

Image: ‘illuminated forest

Image: ‘Green ./. Blue

Image: ‘Don’t forget to recycle!