The Doll’s Features

As a place to start, we will collect and identify some of the literary features of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. 


Ibsen’s play is very much character driven. Use this shared document to collect thoughts and ideas on the characters of the play.

Once you are done, choose one of the characters and considered how they are portrayed as both positive and negative.

Task: Write a short response (several paragraphs) that discusses this issue. Post the English as Pie as a blog post. Don’t forget to tag your work appropriately. 

Check your understanding

Act 1 Questions


Broadly these topics are evident in Ibsen’s play. You might like to consider how they  may be turned into themes:

  • Marriage
  • Women and femininity
  • Men and Masculinity
  • The Home
  • Respect and Reputation
  • Love
  • Lies and Deceit
  • Money

Image: ‘Anthea

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