The Glass Menagerie

A Little Background

There appears to be several parallels between Williams life and the characters of The Glass Menagerie. Start by reading the Introduction in your text.

What parallels are identified in the introduction? Do some wider reading to learn more about the context from which Williams was writing from. You could start by trying here, here and here.

Williams Approach

Compare the first section of William’s “Production Notes’ with Tom’s opening speech (and the initial stage directions).  Consider:

  1. Define a memory play.
  2. Why is The Glass Menagerie not a realist play?


William’s Influences

In his biography, William’s notes the influence that Lawrence and Chekov had on his writing. Read the article below to learn of these influences.

EngA1 – The Glass Menagerie – Lawrence’s Influence

Summarise the influences presented in the article. Are there differences between the perceived influences (by critics and other writers) and the influences William’s himself identified. 

Image: Tennessee Williams‘ Copyright © 2007 The University of Mississippi English Department.

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