Meursault The Man

Much of The Outsider develops through our understanding of Meursault. In many ways he becomes our subject as we analyse our understanding of a variety of philosophical perspectives. His abrupt narration, attention to the insignificant and ignorance of moments that culturally are considered important certainly deserves our own attention.
We will collect our thoughts on Meursault here.


Looking at this collection of notes, it is very easy to dismiss Mersault as “either a fool, a madman, or a callous boor” (Scherr). However, there is evidence that the community holds Muersault in at least some esteem. It is worth looking a little more carefully at Meursault, and particularly at the opinions of others.

Consider the following characters when looking for redeeming features:

  • Muersault’s boss
  • Raymond Sintes
  • Muersault’s prosecuting attorney
Post your thoughts on the google document.
Is Muersault a fool, a madman, or someone more calculating. Write a paragraph explaining your opinion. 
Image: ‘True North

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