Part 2 Project

You have been asked to prepare a spoken and visual piece for Media Watch, Australia. Though the format for Media Watch is quite rigid, the director is interested in featuring segments that look at the changing face of mass media and communication.

Mass Media and Communication

Media Watch states that “the media provides the information we need to make decisions about our lives, but how reliable are the media reports that shape our views of the world?”.

The director has asked that you choose a particular form of mass media communication and develop a segment up to 15 minutes long that investigates the media through the above statement.


  1. Choose a form of mass media communication
  2. Research it. Get some background.
  3. Choose an aspect to focus on related  to the above statement. Gather some examples and other opinion.
  4. Choose a text type – brainstorm oral and visual text types that might fit the Media Watch format.

Analysing a Text Type

Once you have decided on your content and settled on your text type, you need to make sure that you follow the conventions that your readers will expect to see in your text. Occasionally you can find guidelines for a text’s conventions online. For example, there are plenty of examples and guides, many of them conflicting, about writing a resume. Other, less common,  text types must be analysed to learn the conventions to follow.
The best approach is to find a good example and spend some time seeking out the features. Try the following:
  • Read/Watch the text a couple of times so you are really familiar with it (just like we do with poetry)
  • Divide your notes into sections. Give each section a heading. This will help you focus your analysis and latter, help you to organise your text.
  • If its a presentation, watch the presentation with the sound off. What do you notice about the visuals.
  • Focus in on the language. How formal is it? Which words give this away?
  • Who is the intended audience? What language gives this away?

Meeting the Criteria

Use these prompt questions to check that you are meeting all parts of the criteria:

  1. Have you selected a specific example to analyse?

Image: ‘Old newspaper

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