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This Research is Fishy

7 Mar

As part of your IT project, you will be conducting some research and preparing the writing for your published article. Here is the kind of information you should be looking for:

  1. Caspian Sea – description, location, pollution problems
  2. Sturgeon – different types, description, habitat, reproduction etc.
  3. Cavier – how it’s made, why it’s so expensive, different types, consumers etc.
  4. Threat to the sturgeon – describe the reasons why the sturgeon may become extinct (overfishing, poaching, pollution etc.)
  5. Solutions – what can be done? Express an opinion

A Guide to your Research

Your report you must include:

  • At least one direct quotation from one of the books on reserve (using in-text citation)
  • Have a complete MLA bibliography with book, Web Path, and database sources

To write your report you should know:

  • What are the main factors that threaten sturgeon stocks?
  • What groups or individuals are concerned about sturgeon?
  • Your main argument – your solution to the problem.
  • The evidence to support this argument (including quotations from experts).
  • How to write to inform and to persuade.


  1. Login to Destiny. Create a Resource List called Sturgeon.
  2. Search Destiny for books on reserve. Find a powerful quotation to use within your report. “Quote the quotation and then cite like this.” (Smith 5) Place the book in your Resource List.
  3. Search Web Path for websites at your reading level (middle school). Place the good websites into your Resource List.
  4. Search InfoTrac using Advanced Search. Collect articles and generate citations.


  1. Identify factual points, entertaining points, and persuasive arguments in the information you have collected.
  2. Write notes in your own words and cite as much as possible.


  1. Make a plan for the final product.

The Texts

To present your findings for you article you are recommended to use two different texts:


A feature will commonly present a variety of perspectives on a topic. The writer’s aim is that the reader, having read the information provided will form the same conclusion.

Download this Text Type – Feature Guide.

Have a look at another example of feature on global warming. Think about the following:

  1. What does the writer want you tho think?
  2. How do they do this?

Information Report

An Information Report presents information systematically, in order to classify and describe. The information should be factual, researched, and as objective (without bias) as possible.

Download the Text Type – Information Report Guide

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