Candy and His Dog

In part 3 of Steinbeck’s novel, the conflict really begins to develop. There are several features that indicate that things aren’t going to turn out well; Candy and his dog is one of them but there are several others.

Consider the following questions. Read the final instructions before you begin so you know how to prepare this correctly.

  • Explain ALL the reasons that Carlson wanted to shoot Candy’s dog (reread back from page 70).
  • Why did Candy finally give in to Carlson – list ALL of the reasons.
  • Describe Carlson’s direct treatment of the dog. What does this reveal to us about Carlson?
  • The men started to play euchre (a board game). They never do. Later, George “laid out his deliberate solitaire hand” (p.78). Explain the author’s intent.
  • What kind of places are Susy’s and Clara’s? Why would it make sense for these characters to prefer those kinds of places over places where they might actually meet a girlfriend? List ALL the reasons you can think of.
  • From pages 80 and 81, list at least three words that Steinbeck has carefully chosen in regards to Curly’s character.
  • List five new details that George has included in his story about their “place.”


  1. Construct a mindmap with a large circle in the middle of your page labelled “Mood”.
  2. Answer each of the above questions, by connecting each of these to the “Mood” box
  3. On each line, write the connection between the answer and your understanding of mood
  4. Finally write a paragraph statement indicating the mood of this section of the novel.
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