A Case for Poetry

Inevitability the “how do you know that is what the poet meant?” discussion arises every year that I teach poetry. Below are some articles and essays by poets, on poetry that may help to clear up the issue:

Don’t Paraphrase by Matthew Zapruder

Is Criticism Just Subjective by Terry Eagleton

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Poetry by Bill Zavatsky

Task: Take notes on the following ideas. Leave comments and ask questions on the websites and documents.

Summarise the writer’s opinion on reading poetry.

What is the writer in favour of?

What does the writer warn against?

Picasso and Meaning

Picasso was an accomplished painting who could paint both abstract and realist paintings.

“The Dream” by Picasso

“Maternity” by Picasso

Picasso could clearly paint in a realist style so why did he CHOOSE to paint abstract pictures?

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