Welcome to the A1 English Higher Level page.  The study of “literature is concerned with our conceptions, interpretations and experiences of the world” (International Baccalaureate, 1999). As such, we will critically explore a wide variety of texts from different times, cultures, authors. We have plenty to get through over the next 18months but I expect we will have a few laughs along the way. Enjoy.


At higher level you will study a total of 15 (calm down!) texts over the next 18 months. The program is divided into 4 parts. Each part has one or two assessed tasks that culminate to your final grade. Here’s the overview:

Part 4 – Schools Choice

As the heading suggests, the school is free to make its own choice regarding texts studied here. All of these texts are required to be linked in some way – lets figure out how!

Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe

Pygmalion – George Bernard Shaw

If This is a Man – Primo Levi (World Literature text)

Selected Poems – Various

Part Four is assessed with a 10-15 minute oral presentation worth 15% of your final grade. Don’t worry – we’ll practice! We will also begin developing your commentary skills which you will need for you final exams at the end of grade 12.

More later – I can’t copy the text!


In summary:

Paper 1 Commentary    2 hours    25%   Externally Assessed

Written commentary based on poetry or another text to which the techniques of literary criticism can be applied.

Paper 2 Essay    2 hours   25%    Externally Assessed

One question to be answered out of a selection of 6.

World Literature (WL) Assignments

Assignment 1 – 10%

Comparative study of at least two Part 1 works.

Assignment 2 – 10%

Based on work(s) not used in Assignment 1

Individual Oral Commentary    15 minutes   15%

Commentary on an extract, chosen by the teacher, from one of the Part 2

Individual Oral Presentation    10 -15 minutes   15%

Presentation of a topic, chosen by the candidate, based on Part 4 work(s).


As we will be working together A LOT over the next 18 months, it is important that we get to know each other a little better. As our first assessed task is a presentation, we will be practicing our presentation skills A LOT beforehand. Here’s your task:

I’ll give you 5 minutes to prepare a short presentation, up to two minutes in length. I’m sure you all have some idea what you want to do after you finish school. Imagine things don’t go as they planned (I never expected I’d become a teacher when I was 16). What is your most unexpected or ridiculous plan B?

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  1. Aliyev Yusif January 12, 2011 at 10:54 PM #


    There is a slideshow which discusses how to write a well structures commentary

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