Keeping it Authentic

“To be authentic is to choose your own path in life, though that might or might not comply with social norms” (Wyatt, 2010). In The Stranger, we see a variety of events and actions where we witness Meursault acting with Authenticity.

The philosopher Kiekgard wrote that “there was a public pressure to conform to society and that this necessarily led to ‘inauthenticity’. Meursault obviously does not succumb to these same pressures. However, we do see a variety of other characters who act based upon the pressures of society. Consider:

  • Marie
  • The magistrate
  • Raymond
  • Salamano
  • Caretaker
  • Chaplain
  • Others?

Using examples from text explain how each of these characters act because of social pressure. Similarly, contrast this with Meursault’s actions, preferably from related sections of the text.


Define authenticity in your own words in your introduction. Try reading this article:

We will use the World Literature criteria to begin practicing meeting the requirements of this criteria.

Image: ‘chuckies in love

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