A Doll’s House Review

To begin our review of A Doll’s House, lets look at some sample exam questions as an exercise in focusing our ideas:

  1. Analyse how justice is represented and understood in at least two works studied.
  2. Writers often use a character who is alienated from his or her culture or society in order to explore

    cultural or social values. Examine this idea with reference to at least two works studied.

  3. What impact does setting have on your understanding of the central ideas or themes presented in

    at least two works studied?

  4. Literature is often said to be timeless. To what extent is this true of at least two works you

    have studied?

  5. It has been said that history “cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” To what extent do at least two works studied “face” history in order to ensure that its wrongs “need not be lived again”?
  6. Looking closely at at least two works studied, show that more than one interpretation could be made of those works.

TASK: look carefully at these specimen questions. Which would not work for A Dolls House? Put them in order of relevance and justify your top choices. 

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