Oedipus The King

Literary Framework

As with any text there are variety of ways that we can investigate Oedipus the King. For example, one feature that might be particularly significant with this particular text is the cultural context in which the play was written. We might struggle to adequately unpack the text without an understanding of Ancient Greek writing and theatre.

We can use a framework that will help us to investigate Oedipus (and many other texts):


  • Setting
  • Social structure/lifestyle (of writers; of audience)
  • Religious beliefs
  • Theatre
    • Stylistic features
    • Where were the theatres
  • Role of theatre in society
You might like to try these resources to improve your understanding:


  • What are the features of this text?

Contextual (conversations between reader and writer)

  • Background to Sophocles
  • Politics
  • Context/climate the play was written in (linked with Cultural)

Most good responses/considerations of a text will to some degree feature a combination of these 3 perspectives (with the possible exception of the commentary). It is our job to compile details and thoughts on these ideas. How should we share our findings? How should we keep a record?

Paste the details of your investigation into this document.

Check out the short version of Oedipus the King the last IB2’s created.

You might also like to check out the Greek myth of Oedipus.

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