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Write a Little Poetry: List poems

24 Feb

If you are interested in writing a poem similar to “Where I’m From”, here’s how to go about it.

  1. Start by writing a list of childhood memories. You might like to categorize them under headings such as favourite places (to hide!); favourite (or not so) foods; routines; special things; sayings or phrases;  anything else?
  2. Decide on a hook: are you going to use Lyon’s “I am from…” or do you want something new eg. “My roots are in…”
  3. Go back to your lists, begin to highlight the lines you like best. Do some need modifying or developing? Can one be extended with the use of a poetic device?
  4. Drafting: Starting placing your list in order. Where are you going to repeat your hook? Where are you going to divide your lines? What needs to be emphasised?
  5. An ending: This is personal and unique (at this point you will break from your model). Lyon develops the idea of the family tree by extending the tree metaphor. Will you do something similar or go in a new direction.

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Poetry Anthology Tips and Tools

2 Apr

Hi M3’s ,

Check back here for tips and tools for completing your poetry anthology.

Annotation and Analysis

Two Column Planner

Poetry Writing and Revising

Poetry Revising Techniques


Notes on how to write an editorial

Task and Criteria

Task sheet and criteria sheet

Poetic Devices

13 May

Complete the activities below to review poetic devices and terms.

Start by reviewing the devices on these pages: Figurative Language and Aural Devices.

Then practice on the quiz.

Glossary of Literary Terms

Finally, complete these questions so that I can check your understanding. THIS IS NOT A TEST. It simply helps me to know what we need to review in class.

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Poetry Writing Reflection

11 May

Use the following prompt questions to reflect on the great poetry you have written. You probably won’t answer all of them but try to answer several. Try to be concise but don’t forget to use examples from your writing. Use a line like:

In the line “The skin cracks like a pod”, I have written a simile. This is because…
  • What are some specific features unique to the type of poetry you have written about?
  • What is the topic that emerged in your writing? Why is this important to you?
  • Find one important choice you made during your writing (a particular word; an important line break; something else?) Why did you make this choice?
  • Is there a particular moment that you like the sound of when you read your poem aloud? What caused this?
  • Is there a line that you like the look of
  • Did a poetic device emerge in your writing? Why is this important
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