Illusion vs Reality

An Illusionary World

The individual worlds of the three Wingfield’s are all built upon illusion. Amanda yearns for her past, Laura’s absolute introversion keeps her locked inside the apartment, and Tom dreams of running away. Each character rejects reality represented by the gentleman caller, Jim.


Imagine each of these characters were joining a dating agency. Create the online profile for one of the Wingfield’s. Keep it true to the play (try not to imagine they are attempting to make themselves ‘look good’.). Include details such as:

  •  name, age, location, job, activities, what they’re looking for, their distance from you and whether they’re online or not
  • Personal details: likes and dislikes, dreams and fears etc.
  • Status updates
    Diaries or extended thoughts
  • Photos
  • Anything else?


The individual illusional worlds of the Wingfields, isolate them from reality but also from each other. Conflict builds from the differing beliefs and dreams of each character.

You may have already considered the dreams and fears of each character.  Develop a concept map of how these dreams and fears create coflict between each of the Wingfield’s, isolating them from each other. 


Jim is our link to reality and breaks the illusions set-up around the Wingfields.

Using examples from the text how does Jim destroy each of the Wingfield’s illusions? To what effect? What might Williams be commenting on here?

To do this you will need to identify the illusions of each of the characters (but you should have a pretty clear idea about this if you have completed the above activities.

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  1. Ashni K. April 24, 2011 at 7:14 PM #

    Okay so here’s the link to Laura Wingfield’s dating advertisement:

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