So many possibilities – finding meaning in texts

Have you ever felt like “you just don’t get it” when you have been studying or commenting on a text in class? Have  you ever felt the same when you have been reading a novel or poem for fun? When studying a text, we often search for THE ANSWER – the definitive meaning of the text. In fact, we can’t truly know THE ANSWER to a text (for reasons I won’t talk about here but if you are interested you might like to peruse these pages).

Watch (or read if you have a copy of the book) this:

This book is a pretty transparent allegory of colonialism in Australia. Why? Think: WHO might be useful. (Allegory: The representation of abstract principles by characters or figures).

Now think, WHO ELSE? Change perspective. Put on a new hat.

With a partner, read another story. Each of these examples has a quite clear “message”. Identify ONE message (it will probably be the obvious one). Discuss the WHO, and WHO FOR.

Read again (and again) and look for WHO ELSE?

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