Exams and Preparation

Summative examinations are designed for you to show what you know at the end of learning. In the Language and Literature course, we have two kinds of exams: Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Paper 1: Textual Analysis


Paper 1 contains two previously unseen passages from non-literary texts for analysis, of which students select one. Students are instructed to write an analysis of one of the texts, including comments on the significance of any possible contexts, audience, purpose and the use of linguistic and literary devices. (Language and Literature Subject Guide, 2011)

Paper 2: Essay


Paper 2 consists of six questions based on the literary texts studied in part 3 of the language A: language and literature course. Students are required to answer one question only. The following examples pinpoint some areas of discussion that students need to consider:

  • Why do works remain popular across time and culture?
  • Is the ‘meaning’ of a text fixed?
  • Are thematic ideas relative? Do they change across context and culture?
  • Who’s voice is represented through literature?  How is this related to ‘canon’?
  • Are gender representations an accurate reflection of real life?
  • How is time used creatively in literature to express ideas?
  • Whose voice is represented? Who is silenced?
  • How might the analysis of a text be influenced by cultural practices or understandings?

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