Light, Glare and Vision

Meursault’s vision and gaze are frequently referred to. His gaze is frequently placed upon unusual features. Equally his gaze is often blocked or obscured by light.

Blinded by the light

“The nurse came in at that point. Night had fallen suddenly. The sky had darkened rapidly above the glass roof. The caretake turned the light-switch and I was blinded by the suden blaze of light… The glare from the white walls was tiring my eyes” (14). And, “After having my eyes closed, the whiteness of the room seemed even ore dazzling than before” (15).

Look for further examples of where Meursault’s vision is obscured by light. Summarise what is occuring at the time. Write a well supported opinion as to the significance of this feature. 

The Observer

Image: ‘Let Jesus Bring You Light!

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