Text Conventions

Face Value – Covers

By simply comparing the covers of magazines and newspapers, it becomes apparent that these texts are constructed for different purposes and for different audiences. A variety of conventions can be found to demonstrate this point.

Task: Compare and contrast the covers of magazines to the front pages of newspapers. What do all the magazines have in common? How do they differ from the newspapers?

Image: ‘TIME Magazine; Person of the Year, Greg’s+Art+and+My+Photo+Online

Part 2 – Language and Mass Communication

Unit Aims and Objectives

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of texts
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use of language, structure, technique and style

Application and Analysis

  • Demonstrate an ability to choose a text type appropriate to the purpose required
  • Demonstrate an ability to use terminology relevant to the various text types studied

Synthesis and Evaluation

  • Discuss the different ways in which language and image may be used in a range of texts

Selection and Use of Appropriate Presentation and Language Skills

  • Demonstrate an ability to express ideas clearly and with fluency in both written and oral communication

Assessment Focus

  1. Change one media based text to another using textual conventions
  2. Written Task 1: Creative text in response to a text studied

Materials Covered

Text Types

  • Magazine covers
  • Newspaper covers
  • Tabloid covers

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