Setting The Scene

Choose a few of the following activities to help us understand the context of “Of Mice and Men” a little better.

  1. What was the Great Depression? Where, when and how did it begin? What were the major effects of the Depression in the United States.
  2. What was the Dust Bowl? Where and when did it occur? What were some of the causes of the Dust bowl? Whey was it called the Dust Bowl? How many people were displaced during this time? Where did they typically go and why?
  3. Look for a few images of the Dust Bowl. Briefly describe them. ie. write the caption.
  4. What is a migrant worker? Briefly describe the life of migrant workers in the U.S. during the 1930’s. Include the term “Okies” in your answer as well as the numbers of migrant workers during that time.
  5. Why has the novel “Of Mice and Men” been banned and/or censored over the years?
  6. The novel is about migrant workers in California during the Depression and Dust Bowl. Why do you suppose the author wrote it in the manner addressed in your answer to question 5? (cursing/swearing)
  7. Locate all of the following on a map: California (State); Soledad, California (town); Salinas River (California). In looking at “real” images (such as Google Maps), what do you notice about the geography of the region?
  8. Thoroughly define “dialect”.

Choose your question and add your answers to this document.

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