What have we lost? Gained?

The glory of the Onestate can expressed by looking back at the primitive societies of the 20th and 21st century. So many of their problems don’t exist today simply because of the wisdom and mathematically precise organisation of the Onestate.

TASK: writing from the position of an emerging Onestate dissident, show how the Onestate has solved a problem from a present day society. However, your character should also reflect on the problems that the Onestate solution has also caused. 

So your work should have three parts:

  1. Description of a present day problem. This would need to be presented neutrally or negatively
  2. Explanation of how the Onestate has solved this problem. This would probably be presented positively. Include specific examples from the text.
  3. Finally, a questioning of the Onestate wisdom. What has been lost?

As an example: 20th century Australia, the housing market has developed so only the wealthy elderly can afford to buy property, effectively excluding young homebuyers from the market -> The Onestate solved this by allocating uniform houses to everyone -> freedom of choice, aesthetics, competition have all been lost because of this.

Tips and Ideas

Look at how you might incorporate the two main thematic ideas we have explored:

  • How valid is the assertion that literature is a voice for the oppressed?
  • To what extent do male and female literary characters accurately reflect the role of men and women in society?

Look for creative ways to embed these ideas into your writing. Oppression will probably be easier as Onestate has essentially solved all problems through oppression. Roles could be an interesting angle to explore.

Use some evidence to support your assertions about the contemporary society.  For example, these statistics give some useful information about housing trends in Australia.
Also make sure you use the text to make your comparison. For my piece, I need to find description of D’s house.


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