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Bruno’s Development

17 Jan

How does Boyne make the story SOUND like it is from a child?

Boyne uses the words “Fury” (Führer) and “Out-With” (Auschwitz) rather the actual names of things in the book. WHY does he do this? WHAT effect does it have?

How else does Boyne write to show that Bruno is just a child? Think about:

  • Rules
  • Phrases “Pushed about from pillar to post” (48)
  • The conversation between Gretel and Bruno in Ch. 4

World War 2 and The Holocaust

11 Jan

Before we get started on the novel The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas, we need to do a little research to get some background research on the Holocaust and World War 2.

Choose 1 of the following questions to focus on:

1) Briefly describe where was Auschwitz located and during what years was it occupied.

2) Auschwitz was made up of many camps. In what primary ways were Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II different than Auschwitz III?

3) List as many as you can of the different groups of people who were in Auschwitz:

4) Briefly describe an “average day” in the camps.

5) How many people has it been estimated lost their lives in the camps?

6) When were the camps “liberated” (freed) and by whom. Briefly describe the liberation.

7) Find online images of Auschwitz. Find several images of each of the following. Take time to really look at and understand them. Write a thorough description of what you see:

Children in Auschwitz

Death in Auschwitz

SS Guards in Auschwitz

Women and men in Auschwitz

Use the following sources to assist you:

CBBC guide to The Holocaust

The stories of children who suffered during The Holocaust

Images from The Holocaust

A Virtual Tour of Auschwitz

The Story of a Man Who Sneaked into Auschwitz

The Story of a Man Who Volunteered to Go to Auschwitz

Holocaust timeline


If these sources don’t have what you are looking for try Webpath Express