Course Review

Part Two

You will recall that in this Part we looked at language and mass communication. Specifically, we examined different forms or communication – advertising, news, opinion, speeches and even looked a little at how values were communicated in Ancient Greece. We also looked at the educational effect of this communication and the kind of values that we are persuaded to assume on a daily basis.


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Texts and Conventions

We have spent a lot of time investigating textual conventions. It is impractical to study every convention for every type of text. What is practical is to have the skills to analyse any text and determine the conventions.

Detecting Bias

Opinion  articles are bound to be full of bias though some writers are better than others at hiding it:

News reporting should be less biased though inevitably, bias does creep into all writing

  • Consider these two sources (Source 1; Source 2). Can you detect bias? What are you persuaded to believe?
  • Review the questions on the page news and comment and relate them to the above sources.


All texts follow conventions. These conventions convey meaning beyond simply the words and pictures on the page. They suggest audience, indicated important information or the manner in which a text is intended to be read.

  • Review the terms text type, mode and register
  • Decide on the text type, mode and register of this text.Compare it to this text.
  • Texts also suggest an intended audience. Who is intended to read the two examples above. How do you know? Are there markers that indicate a particularly culture? A particular demographic?

Language and Organisation

The organisation of a text and its use of language can convey plenty of meaning to the reader. Look at this text.

  • What is unique to the organisation of this text? Try comparing to similar products – an iphone or other device. Are there similarities? Why have these features been included?
  • Though this is covered partly in the register, look at the type of language used. Is nomenclature evident? Which literary devices are present? Why do you think this is so?
  • Sentence length can also be used to particular effect. Comment on the length of sentences and the effect?


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