Gender and Society

Who is these women? What do they represent, particularly in relation to the women in the picture?

Russian Women walk beside Soldiers

With relatively few characters, we can use We as a way of investigating the role of gender in society. To do this, lets investigate the issue from two sides: We and a little reading on women in Russia around the 1920’s.

Group 1: You are investigating the three characters. How might these characters be indicative of gender roles in Russia around the 1920’s. Focus particularly on D303, O and I.

Group 2: You are looking at some literature on the changing focus of women around the time Zemyatin was writing. I think we can make some fairly accurate generalisations about men, so looking at the role of women should be interesting. You might also look for some propaganda that also represents this time, like the image above.

TASK: Write/find/create a statement that reflects our focus question: To what extent do male and female literary characters accurately reflect the role of men and women in society?  

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