Theme and Character

Notice in the plays we have studied that there is very little ambiguity in the characters presented. Characters don’t tend to be multi-faceted unless there is a very specific reason for them to be so. Krogstad in A Doll’s House  comes to mind here.  Look at the characters in The Lion and the JewelAre they quite “one sided” or more multi-faceted?

Given the relative simplicity of the play, the elements of theme and character are quite closely related. This is quite evident in the final act as Baroka attempts to convince Sidi to marry him.

Task: Comment on one of the following extracts by way of the relationship BETWEEN theme and character. 

Both theme and character are treated independently in both extracts. However, there is also a strong relationship between the two. Both elements seem to advance each other so your comment should emphasize this.

Image: ‘Faces of Ethiopia

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