Lets start with a little research. Choose one of the following area’s to explore:

  1. Recount the Pygmalion myth. Find a creative way of showing this. Tahmina
  2. English class structure in the Victorian Era (and turn of the 20th century) Shaki
  3. What is speech therapy? How and why is it practiced today? Work with the person doing question 4 to show the contrast. Jenna
  4. Why was speech therapy practiced at the turn of the 20th century.
  5. Who was George Bernard Shaw? Alice
  6. Define: Culture, class and identity by way of: Cameron
    1. compare and contrast to other concepts
    2. metapor or simile
    3. breakdown to its component parts
    4. demonstrate inconsistencies in definitions (from various sources)
  7. What is the ‘pygmalion effect’? Claudia
  8. Political, social and historical beliefs and events of the time.

Post your research/findings to the English As Pie site.

Image: ‘Kisses

Check your Understanding

Need to check that you are “getting it”? Try responding to EngA1 – Pygmalion – Check your understanding questions.

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