Frankenstein Review

You might like to review the following topics as part of your review for the paper two exam. At each point it would be useful to locate examples and explain the significance to the text.


What is a framing narrative? What effect does it have on the narrative as a whole? How is used to build a relationship between Victor and Walton?


How do Shelley’s settings reflect and/or develop other aspects of the text?

How does the setting reflect the Romantics fascination with the exotic?

Romanticism and the Gothic Novel

How is Frankenstein characteristic of  a Romantic novel?

Ann B. Tracey states that “the Gothic novel could be seen as a description of a fallen world. We experience this fallen world though all aspects of the novel: plot, setting, characterization, and theme”. How is the fallen world evident in Frankenstein? Is there a connection to all of these aspects of the novel? If you want to read more about gothic literature, look here.


How do appearances play out in the novel?


The topic of responsibility is frequently visited by various characters. Where is this evident?


Paradise Lost (on 14 in Frankenstein), “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” (on 19), Goethe’s Sorrows of Werter, and Plutarch’s Lives are all alluded to in the text. What role do these texts play in shaping our understanding of the text?

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