Hawk Roosting

Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughes.


Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughes (background research)

  • Hawk Roosting was published in 1960
  • Ted Hughes (1930-1998)
  • English poet and children’s writer
  • Did 2 years of national service (1949-51)
  • Developed an interest in nature and animals for his poems at an early age
  • Wrote frequently of how beauty and violence intertwine in nature
  • “Animals serve as a metaphor for his view on life”
  • Was married to American poet Sylvia Plath who committed suicide in 1963
  • His poetry ranged from free verse to structured forms and rhyme schemes
  • Was brought up in a coal-mining town in South Yorkshire
  • Studied English, anthropology and archaeology in schoolà became interested in mythological systemsà grew a fascination for astrology, shamanism and hermeticism (spiritual growth); these topics influenced his poetry
  • Appointed poet Laureate in 1984
  • Thinks that humans have become divided from nature
  • His father fought in the trenches of World War 1- hence the violent imagery in many of his poems
  • Was a Gnostic- non-Christian forms of spirituality
  • Influenced by Paganism


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Click the link for a transcript of our discussion on Friday, 2 February 2010

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