Oral Task: Rhetoric and Reputation

Antigone and Civil Disobedience

The events of Antigone leave the viewer with two distinct positions: on the one hand we are encouraged to empathize with Antigone’s plight; on the other hand she knowingly broke the law and therefore can lawfully punished. Depending on your perspective depends on where your empathy lies.

This issue is frequently evident today. Consider the occupy wall street movement: on the one hand a group of protesters are adamantly attempting to persuade the public the world needs to change. On the other hand, business, banks and corporations have a vested interest in maintaining the current system. Both groups employ very different language in order to be persuasive, along with a variety of modes, and text types.


Using the role you have employed for the last few activities, prepare oral text aimed at supporting or undermining Creon. Consider your role and choose a text that is appropriate:

  • Interviews
  • Public Service Announcement (Advertisement)
  • Speech
  • Argument
  • What else?


  • Select one of the three methods of rhetoric, ethos, pathos, and logos, as the foundation of your speech. Try to maintain this rather than floating between the three.
  • The nature of the text may require you to write dialogue. This is acceptable so prepare another person to fill this role.
  • You will be assessed on the IB Language and Literature criteria.
Once you have selected from the above options:
  1. Find a similar text and apply the analysis skills we have worked on eg. Find an interview where the PR manager defends her corporation.
  2. Look at the following sites to learn more about how to apply ethos, pathos and logos:

Resource 2

Resource 3


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