Part 3 Review Questions

Now that you are familiar with two of the part 3 plays, take notes on the following questions to begin preparing for Paper two. Remember: one important strategy for this exam is to stay flexible. Being familiar with the important elements of the play (as well as fundamentals such as plot and character), will allow you to answer a wide range of questions, and discuss ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

I’ll put 5 minutes on the clock. Write a note on these questions. Make sure you explicitly refer to the text (paraphrase is your friend!).

  1. Discuss the use of dialogue in the construction of character (May 2011 TZ1)
  2. Masks can be used both literally and metaphorically in drama. Discuss. (May 2011 TZ2)
  3. Consider the presentation of jealously and the way it is used to further the action of the plays
  4. Discuss how lighting, sound or music can be used to affect the presentation of ideas. (May 2009 TZ1)
  5. The success of any drama depends on the credibility of the protagonists. To what extent is this statement true? (May 2009 TZ1)
  6. In plays, a character who appears briefly or who does not appear at all can be a significant presence, conveying ideas, contributing to action or developing characters. Discuss. (May 2009 TZ2)

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