Pieces of Poetry: Alliteration

3 Nov

Record the following in your notebook for each poetry mini-lesson:

  1. A definition
  2. an example
  3. A poem you like that uses this technique
  4. Write your own poem that uses this technique


Have a look at this video first:

Have a look at this lune. Can you find the alliteration?

When the sun’s

rays hit the shades, it

lights up lines.

First published here. A lune is a great little poetic form related to a haiku. In this case, we simply count words rather than syllables – 3 for the first line; 5 for the second line; and 3 for the third line.

Try writing a couple of lunes. Consider how you might use perspective in this. An expert result would be one that doesn’t rely on telling the reader who the speaker is for us to understand whose perspective it is.


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