A Little Magic Summative Task

13 May

Task: Create the outline for a new short film that clearly describes plot, setting, and character.

Statement of Inquiry: Writers craft excellent stories by using the relationships between plot, character and setting. 

Orientation: We have used plot diagrams to show plot, labelled sketches of characters to show character, and used mind-maps to show setting. Use these techniques to clearly outline your short film. You should also make sure you use the other techniques and concepts we have discussed: narrative conflict (person vs. person etc.), stages of a plot (exposition, climax etc.), mood. 

Assessment: We will use criterion A and criterion B to assess your understanding. 

You could outline your plot in a number of different ways: Use a comic creator like Bitstrips to demonstrate your plot; draw up your plot using a storyboard; write your narrative. Regardless of how you choose to submit your work, you must include a plot diagram, a labelled sketch of your protagonist, and a mind-map describing your setting plus your film outline (Bitstrips or otherwise). 

To publish your plot diagram, character sketch and setting mind-map, you could use this template. Just save a copy to your own drive before you edit it.


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