Wrapping up Poetry

4 Apr

You are almost done! Just a couple of things left.

Image: ‘All-Army runners take top trophy from Brazilians+at+26th+Army+Ten-Miler’

  1. Hand in your poems and responses (2-column planner) to Mr. Tangey
  2. Put atleast one of them up on the wall outside.
  3. Complete the poetry quiz online.
  4. Write your reflection on your poetry checklist. Answer:
    1. Did I effectively complete all the parts of the unit? Am I happy with my work?
    2. Is my work organised and easy to follow? Did I follow the instructions carefully?
    3. Did I use my time well or did I rush to complete some parts at the end.
    4. I love/like/dislike/hate reading poetry.
    5. I love/like/dislike/hate writing poetry.

Our next unit is on film; we will watch a variety of short films to look at the way they are constructed.

TASK: Create a new unit page in your notebook. Decorate it with your images from your favourite films. 

  •  Favourite film/films
  • Title: A little magic
  • Inquiry into: Why are so many film unreal?
  • Learn about: Which narrative elements are most important in short films?
  • Decorative.

TASK: Write a couple of paragraphs about your favourite film. What makes it so good. Try to include details about plot, character, setting, music and sound, special effects, the topic or content of the film, or something else. At the end also decide which of these elements is most important to creating a good film. Explain your answer. 

Image: ‘All-Army runners take top trophy from Brazilians+at+26th+Army+Ten-Miler


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