Write a Little Poetry: List poems

24 Feb

If you are interested in writing a poem similar to “Where I’m From”, here’s how to go about it.

  1. Start by writing a list of childhood memories. You might like to categorize them under headings such as favourite places (to hide!); favourite (or not so) foods; routines; special things; sayings or phrases;  anything else?
  2. Decide on a hook: are you going to use Lyon’s “I am from…” or do you want something new eg. “My roots are in…”
  3. Go back to your lists, begin to highlight the lines you like best. Do some need modifying or developing? Can one be extended with the use of a poetic device?
  4. Drafting: Starting placing your list in order. Where are you going to repeat your hook? Where are you going to divide your lines? What needs to be emphasised?
  5. An ending: This is personal and unique (at this point you will break from your model). Lyon develops the idea of the family tree by extending the tree metaphor. Will you do something similar or go in a new direction.

Image: ‘20081107-40D-2666 Nat in the Autumn


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