Striped Pyjamas: A little history

23 Sep

RESEARCH for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

1) Briefly describe where was Auschwitz located and during what years was it occupied.

2) Auschwitz was made up of many camps. In what primary ways were Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II different than Auschwitz III?

3) List as many as you can of the different groups of people who were in Auschwitz:

4) Briefly describe an “average day” in the camps.

5) How many people has it been estimated lost their lives in the camps?

6) When were the camps “liberated” (freed) and by whom. Briefly describe the liberation.

Find online images of Auschwitz. Find several images of each of the following. Take time to really look at and understand them. Write a thorough description of what you see:

7) Children in Auschwitz

8) Death in Auschwitz

9) SS Guards in Auschwitz

10) Women and men in Auschwitz


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